Thank You!

Sometime ago, we were delighted by a research project on image processing done by one of our classmates. We thought it was so cool, we wanted to bring it to the iPhone. That's how Galerie got started. This project means quite a lot to us. Treating it as a personal thing and not as a startup, enabled us to think without constraints, and polish the product before releasing it. We took particular care in the design, making it simple yet elegant, resembling a modern art gallery. We paid close attention to how people interacted with the app, so we could provide a super smooth user experience. It really was a great opportunity for us to learn about everything that encompasses building a product, from start to finish. We pushed ourselves harder than ever, staying at the office past midnight on several occasions, to make that small detail just...perfect. We learned what perseverance really meant. We love what we do, and in many occasions, it was hard to focus on just doing one thing...for a long period of time. But the feeling of sticking to it paid off, as we saw how the project was growing into what it turned. All of this wouldn't have been possible without the help of really amazing people. The great feedback we received on our beta versions. The comments we got on our design and UX. The many details that were pointed out that made a huge difference in making the product great. The help we got for our marketing and press releases. The many pictures we asked people to take of desserts, landscapes, flowers, etc... And so much more... It is only fair to thank all of you the proper way. Special ThanksNicolás Dubost - Initial idea and image processing structure. Thanks for the time spent on so many meetings trying to understand what went through your brain :). • Alfredo Cobo - Web sensei. Thanks a lot for helping us out with the website. We saved so much suffering and struggling with CSS, and we owe it to you! • Hadrien Raffalli - Design, UX, and French translation - Thank you so much for your constant support and help regarding our overall design, testing our betas, and translating Galerie to French! 🇫🇷 DesignFelipe Leiva - App Design. Thanks a lot for your insights on the app design and color palette. It helped us refine important details that made a huge difference. AdviseNicolás Goles - Tech advise. Nick, thanks a lot for some great pointers on clustering algorithms, image processing and UX. It's always fun to share products with you ;). • Marcos Fuentes - OpenGL and GPU advise. Marcos, thank you very much for your help early on helping us understand the GPU and OpenGL realm. It was not easy, but you helped us pave the way. Marketing & PressJorge Tacla - Drafting the press release and general advise. George, your artistic eye really gave us a new perspective on the project. You helped us formulate the way we communicate the it to people. We were trapped in our heads and you simplified the concept for us. • Pablo Saba - Overall concept and UX. Thanks a lot for some great afternoons talking about product stuff and how to make Galerie a better product for people. Testing Thanks a lot for your feedback and comments. Thanks to your input, we were able to make Galerie better for everybody! • Alex Valenzuela - Thanks for your help man. Really appreciate it! • Cristián Ferrari - Thanks for loving our UI/UX! • Cristián Lira - 😎 • Hans Findel - Thanks for some really awesome pics! • Lela Serrano - Great feedback Lels. Keep it up! • Matías Fernández - Matt.... you're awesome. • Nicolás Palacios - 🐷 • Ricardo Sateler - Thanks for the tips on AWS! • Sebastián Bravo - Thanks for sending some of the great pics you got with the app! • Thomas Born - Amazing feedback Thom, thank you so much! • Víctor Yunis - Thanks for your comments! • Viviana Garrido - Vivs, thanks for galerizing your pig pad over and over again. Thanks to everyone who contributed to the project. We treasure your support and time dedicated to this initiative. Sincerely, Juan and Felipe.🎈